My All-time Favorite Singers

I love to listen to a number of vocalists – both current and from other eras. Here are a few of my favorite singers.

Frank Sinatra – I just love the complete sound—the band, his smooth voice, the way he sang. It’s very cool.


Elvis – Young Elvis was amazing. What a range and energy! He could sing anything!

hurt-christina aguilera

Christina Aguilera – If I could sing like her, I’d never stop. I would sing when I ordered a pizza.

Johnny Cash – There was so much feeling in his voice. “Hurt” is one of my favorite songs.

Aretha Franklin – The best, ever.


Freddie Mercury – He was amazing. He sang so purely and cleanly.

Sara Bareilles – Love her sound and her songs.

Amy Winehouse – So sad. She had my favorite voice. You just can’t copy that. An amazing talent and an incredible loss.

Their vocal styles and techniques may differ, but they are all great vocalists and I love listening to them all.


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