Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day has come and gone this past weekend, and with all the talk about couples and romance, singles are feeling a bit left out. But that doesn’t mean you can’t show yourself a little love this Valentine’s Day. Here are some underrated perks to being single during Valentine’s Day.

Spa Day!

Take the day to yourself! Invite a few friends over and pamper yourself.

Chick Flicks!

Everyone likes a good chick flick every once in a while and today is the day to get your fill! Today is about you, so go ahead and watch “The Notebook” again. You deserve it.

Check out this list of the best chick flicks out there.

… And The Day After

With all of the talk about chocolates and candy, many forget about the “day after sales”. Tons of uneaten chocolate everywhere, so go to your nearest store and load up on sweets! Doesn’t everything taste better when it’s on sale?

Don’t let the lack of someone special get to you on any day of the year. There’s someone out there for all of us!


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